A Driving Tour Of Scotland’s Famous Film Locations

The beautiful landscapes and stunning views of the natural wonders of Scotland have called out to adventurous holiday makers looking for a change of pace for quite some time now.

Though the natural beauty of Scotland has found itself not only the subject of amateur photographers looking to capture a moment of happiness, more than a fair share of directors have lined up the rolling green hills of Scotland within their view finders.

As the beautiful land has found itself the star of quite a few recent hits as of late, we felt it was important to create the perfect travel companion for those looking to relive famous scenes from their favourite big screen moments. So if you’re looking for inspiration for where to visit and what to see while making your holiday across Scotland, perhaps take the time to stop by these famous sites and recreate your own movie magic.

Journey to Hogwarts on your very own Hogwarts Express…

J.K. Rowling’s world famous fantasy series centered around a particular young boy with an extraordinary destiny took the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular series of books within recent memory, if not the most popular series.

So it comes as no surprise that the thousands of people who grew up reading tales of Harry and his friends taking on evil would want the opportunity to recreate their very own piece of the magic.

Luckily for fans of J.K. Rowling’s works, Scotland is home to quite a few Harry Potter related stops and sites, so grab your travelling cloak and set out to find these famous locations from the movie series inspired by the bestselling books.

Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express…

Though it goes by the Muggle name of the Jacobite Steam Train, the same rail line made famous for ferrying a young Harry Potter to his first adventure as a wizard still makes regular trips across the great Scottish expanses, offering those who charter a seat views that are certainly magical in their own right.

So get your acceptance letter, wands, travel trunk, and camera ready to explore the famous rail way while creating your own adventure through the Scottish country side.

Brave the steep walls of this castle and embrace your inner warrior princess…

While not the actual location of Pixar’s Brave, the ruins of Dunnottar Castle served as the inspiration behind the now famous home of the fiery headed princess Merida.

Among the steep falls and along the sharp coastline lies the ancient remains of the once proud castle home of quite a few famous Scots over its storied history. And for visitors, the opportunity to stand among the same grounds that William Wallace once graced while reliving their very own Brave moments is worth the frightening climb up the rock formation steep walls. So pack your bow and arrows, avoid any witches, and make your way bravely atop the inspiration for Pixar’s bold foray into Scottish lore.

Bring your own coconuts and watch for rabbits…

Quite a few of the beautiful landscapes and stunning views of castles found themselves the stars of the UK’s arguably greatest comedian troupe, Monty Python, as the group set out to make their classic spoof film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

And though quite a number of historic sites around Scotland played host to the always edgy satirists, none stands out quite as much as the striking vision of Doune Castle. Featured heavily throughout the comedy troupes send up of ancient UK adventurers, the castle found itself the unexpected star of the film after previous request to film at other locations were denied. So making the best of the situation, the troupe lucked into filming many key scenes in and around the castle due to an understanding private owner.

For those looking to recreate their own moments from the now iconic film that thrust Monty Python onto the world stage, check out this full list of shots and scenes filmed on the castle’s grounds. And while there, of course don’t forget your coconuts and perhaps brush up on your European Swallow facts, just in case.

Stunning views from the big screen taking a small part in your own adventures…

The beautiful sights that make Scotland such a preferred choice for those looking to take a trip through vast country sides, are the perfect back drop not only for large scale productions but you own adventures as well.

So whether you want to relive some of the more famous moments of your fandom, want to pay respects to beloved films, or simply want to enjoy scenery with a story, these famous Scottish movie back drops are only a car ride away and waiting for you to make your own memoires and movie magic.