Caravanning In Scotland

Whether it is your first time visiting the green rolling hills of Scotland or you are somewhat of a local by now, spending your holiday driving through the natural beauty of Scotland is unlike any other holiday adventure, one packed with opportunities to fully experience the wonders, culture, and history that makes Scotland the preferred choice for road trips in the UK.

Though driving through the lush country side in a car will still bring you face to face with rich historical sites and many amazing natural land formations, not to mention castle ruins spread across the entire country, some feel that there is no better way to spend your holiday than caravanning from location to location.

Being able to camp beneath the open skies out in the Scottish wilderness is unlike any other experience in the world, and for those adventurous enough to make the trip, the memories made will last a lifetime.

A caravan opens up a whole new level of experiences that might have been missed if you were simply driving from village to village while never taking the opportunity to experience wild Scottish nights beneath the stars. But with new experiences comes new challenges, so to best help you enjoy every moment of your holiday we’ve put together a helpful guide to caravanning across Scotland.

So if your bags are packed and your map is ready let’s explore some Caravanning in Scotland FAQs…

Is hiring a caravan for touring just like hiring a car?

Yes and probably no, in that order. While renting or hiring a caravan is relatively the same as hiring a car, you will still need to have a valid license and a few years’ experience behind the wheel. It is probably best that you find a company that specialises in hiring out caravans for visitors. Besides knowing that the company should be able to fully assist you with any problems you may encounter, you will have a much wider variety of caravans to choose from, making your holiday even better suited to your own tastes.

Do I need a particular type of license to hire and tow a caravan while visiting Scotland?

This isn’t really a straightforward yes or no answer. Yes you can tow a caravan as long as you have a valid licence throughout all of Scotland, but it will be dependent on what licence you have, and when you gained your drivers licence. For a more thorough explanation we suggest you read this page on the camping and caravanning club website.

It is important to note that if you are visiting Scotland from outside of the UK, your licence will only remain valid for use in Scotland only for one year, though that shouldn’t be a problem unless you are planning an extensive holiday that borders on a move.

Can I park and stay in my caravan anywhere?

While you certainly could spend the night anywhere you might find yourself, there are a few regulations regarding where you can park and stay the night while on holiday. For the most part though, in the more rural areas you will find there are more places to spend the night. Before deciding to call it a day and set up camp, it is best to check with any local authorities, if they are in the area, just to be on the safe side.


If you are still unsure about just spending the night anywhere, there are quite a few beautiful camp sites that cater specifically to holiday makers in caravans, so if you know you’ll be in the area, try to book a spot and enjoy the scenery among like-minded people.

Should I worry about using electronic devices or charging devices in my caravan while enjoying my holiday?

Well you certainly should not have to worry about anything while trying to enjoy your holiday, but being mindful of your caravan’s battery capacity could save you from having to spend an extra night stuck out in the Scottish wilderness with a dead battery. For the most part, you can safely charge, use, and do whatever you like with your electronic devices while your caravan’s engine is running. If you plan on spending extended periods camping in one spot, be careful to pay attention to battery levels to avoid any problems, if it seems low, just simply run the engine for a bit to let the battery recharge.

Caravanning through the Scottish country side is truly an experience unto itself and for all those willing to explore everything Scotland has to offer with a sense of adventure, there is no better way to travel throughout the country.