Sights To See While Driving Through Scotland

The rolling green hills and rocky crags of the Scottish Highlands, not to mention the amazing cultural and historic sites you’ll see on your journey, make Scotland the perfect destination for those looking to take a break from the regular humdrum of daily life and experience the wonders Scotland has to offer.

For those willing to take the trip, Scotland offers plenty of opportunities to take in the centuries of historic culture and of course enjoy some breath taking sightseeing along the way.

Though if it is your first trip to the beautiful countryside of Scotland, it may be a bit overwhelming deciding where to start and what to see, and if you are working against a tight time schedule, planning your trip accordingly will make all the difference in being able to fully take in everything on offer.

So to better help you while you plan your getaway to Scotland, we’ve put together a helpful list of the most famous and sought after sights, tastes, and experiences you can find while making your way across the expanses of the Scottish countryside.

Take a day trip to visit a palace…

Not more than 20 miles outside of Edinburgh’s city limits, the stunning remains of King James V’s royal palace Stirling Castle sit on the green grounds among the city of Linlithgow.

Stirling castle

Stirling castle

Once the home to monarchs for centuries, the remains of the once proud palace still remain, despite centuries of disuse and even burning by attacking armies, the palace, or what is left of it, still remains one of the finest examples of Scottish architecture from the time period.

While the drive from Edinburgh to the ancient palace of Linlithgow is rather short, the views and photo opportunities are certainly worth the small trip. Even more, your trip to the ruins of the palace can become the first step on a road trip around Edinburgh that brings you face to face with Scotland’s rich culture and history.

Do a bit of monster hunting and search for Scotland’s most famous underwater dweller…

A trip through Scotland would not be complete without stopping to do a bit of amateur monster hunting along the coasts of the world famous Loch Ness.

The perfect blend of adventure, exploration, kitsch, and just plain fun, spending time around the world famous Loch offer visitors opportunities to take one of the more overlooked aspects of the famous dwelling of Nessie, the stunning natural beauty surrounding Loch Ness.

Perfect for those looking to enjoy a bit of the outdoors while taking in local legends, a day spent by the waters of this Loch is a must see for all those visiting Scotland for the first time.

While there, be sure to take a trip out onto the Loch and aid in the search for the shy resident of the waters. Who knows, maybe you too can come away with your own Nessie story.

Get lost on the island of clouds…

The Isle of Skye is renowned the world over for its misty mountain tops, lush hillsides, and quiet opportunities to experience the natural beauty of Scotland. Though rather small when compared to the rest of Scotland, the Isle of Skye packs in more stunning views than most would think could comfortably rest within the small outcrop of land.

Surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic, the quiet village on the isle is the perfect romantic getaway for those looking to spend quality time taking in the local sights and tastes while enjoying the company of those closest to you.

Though the isle is more than just for lovers, the stunning natural sights spread across the small landscape have captivated those looking for a break from the city with breath taking views and ample opportunities for hiking.

Take a trip into the small and big screens across Scotland…

The beautiful landscapes across Scotland have called out to more than just adventurous nature lovers as more than a fair share of major films and television series have taken to filming on location across all of Scotland.

From major franchise features to HBO series that have taken the world by storm, you could fill your entire trip solely with visits to many of the filming locations of your favourite series and movies.

Driving through Scotland…

You will be sure to find something for everyone to enjoy and marvel at the natural wonders of Scotland, so if you are ready, plan your own journey across the country and be ready to make your own stories along the way.