Driving Through Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland has much to offer to all those that choose to visit its historic streets and spend time taking in the rich local culture. Certainly Edinburgh is the central hub to many of the wonderful offerings Scotland has for those taking a holiday within its borders. Edinburgh is a wholly unique city, completely unto itself.

While Edinburgh certainly boasts a large collection of restaurants serving world class cuisine from all across the globe, bars that truly capture the Scottish experience, and enough local shows and concerts to keep everyone in your group looking towards what tomorrow brings, it still maintains the small town feel.

If you were looking for more amazing experiences, which when considering everything Edinburgh has to offer, is a considerable request, and wanted to venture out of its lovely city limits and truly take in the surrounding sights, you are in good luck as there is much to be seen right outside of the city.

So for all those looking to take to the road leaving Edinburgh behind for everything else Scotland has to offer, here are a few suggestions of what is possible along the way.

Spend a day walking among royalty…

While the grounds of the many palaces and castles across Scotland no longer play home to royalty, the amazing architectural wonders still play host to visitors looking to experience the rich culture of Scotland. So take a step back in time and walk along the same grounds that royal families once graced.

Though there is no shortage of stunning castles located across the entirety of Scotland’s beautiful land, none is more famous than nor as stunning as the breath taking sight of Edinburgh Castle. Having stood watch against the striking sky line for well over 800 years, Edinburgh Castle is a pristine reminder of the legacy of ancient Scotland felt throughout the country.

Edinburgh castle

Edinburgh castle

For those that enjoy history, and ample opportunities for photography, the castle grounds abounds with rich stories from Scotland’s early beginnings. So while planning your road trip across Scotland be sure to plan for at least a full day of taking in the rich history around Scotland’s most recognisable castle before setting off towards your next adventure.

Splash about on Scotland’s most scenic stretch of coastline…

Certainly not as renowned for its beaches as some other places, Scotland is still home to some of the most gorgeous stretches of coastline within all of the UK and depending on when you plan your trip, you can soak up the northern sun while only having to venture less than an hours drive outside of beautiful Edinburgh.

The beaches of East Lothian stretch out in either direction for many miles, offering breath taking views of Scottish sunsets over the waves, and if playing along the beaches has tired you out and left you hungry, the villages that surround the beach front are full of opportunities to tuck away, have a meal, and enjoy the evening amidst the warm smell of the sea.

Perfect for a complete change of pace from the city streets of Edinburgh, driving along the coast feels as if its far removed from any city centre while still being close enough to spend your nights back at your hotel in Edinburgh.

Or if the beaches of East Lothian are yet another stop on your personal road trip across Scotland, make for yet another opportunity to take in the diverse and beautiful sights of Scotland.

Leave the city behind and enjoy the beauty that is Scotland’s Lochs…

Though Edinburgh has so much to offer, sometimes you may want to leave behind the bustle of the city, no matter how small the city, to reconvene with nature and take in the quiet wonders of Scotland. For those looking to leave it all behind and enjoy breath taking views, Loch Lomond is a short drive from the center of Edinburgh but feels worlds away.

The stunning views of the Loch set against the backdrop of the surrounding hillsides are perfect for those looking to spend some quality time with Mother Nature while enjoying a leisure hike.

Though if hiking is not so much your cup of tea, you can of course hire a boat to take out and enjoy the quiet waters of Loch Lomond while taking in the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Venturing out of the city and taking in everything Scotland has to offer…

While Edinburgh has certainly enough to offer visitors with its cultural opportunities and vibrant night life, taking off and exploring the Scottish countryside beyond its city limits offers visitors a chance to fully take in all that Scotland truly has to offer.

So whether you are passing through Edinburgh on your way across the countryside or simply taking a weekend trip away, driving through the storied streets of the city centre and venturing out into the countryside will offer more than a fair share of unforgettable moments for everyone on your trip.