Three Beautiful Camping Sites To Park Your Caravan In Scotland

If you have finally decided to take the leap and spend your holiday experiencing everything the Scottish wilderness has to offer while travelling through lush hillsides in a caravan, then you are in good company and in store for quite a few memorable moments.

While the beauty of Scotland is truly remarkable and something to behold, there is something quite different about being able to spend the night under the stars and away from the confines of inns and cities that adds to the magic of the moment.

For those that are not so sure about sleeping rough for their holiday, a caravan offers the perfect chance to connect with the Scottish wilderness while still enjoying the things that make life comfortable.

So if you are all ready, packed, and have the engine running but still looking for camp sites to experience the natural beauty of Scotland, this helpful guide will come in handy as we explore some of the more scenic, popular, and of course accommodating camp sites for those traversing the Scottish wilderness in the comfort of a caravan.


This beautiful camp site tops the list as it’s the pristine example of Scotland’s untouched wilderness as well as a perfect opportunity to completely connect with nature around you. Though the camp site is on a private estate, the grounds accommodate all types of travellers and campers, bringing together nature lovers and adventurers alike.

The grounds themselves are wholly unique as they don’t resemble your typical camp ground, though there are local amenities like hot showers, laundry rooms, restrooms, and of course places to take care of your dishes, the surrounding area is like stepping back through time to a period when Scotland was truly wild and unexplored.

This camp site is a must for all those that love the great outdoors and wish to experience something a little different than your usual camp ground.

Find the website here.

Speyside Gardens…

This beautiful camp site is run by a husband and wife duo with a passion for the great outdoors and a love for sharing that passion for all of their guests.

Though a bit different than the previous camp site, Speyside gardens is wonderful respite from city life offering opportunities to enjoy the Scottish wilderness while still allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday.

What’s more is the grounds themselves are but a short distance from prime fishing spots and amazing hikes that will bring you face to face with the great Scottish wilderness.

For those looking to experience a bit of history and culture while taking in the amazing outdoors, Speyside Gardens is only but a short walk away from famous whiskey distilleries offering tours to interested guests.

While there don’t forget to ask Olly and Amy about their favourite trips abroad or their favourite spots to enjoy a Scottish sunset.

Kinlochbervie Self Catering…

Located only a short walk from the sandy shores of Oldshoremore Bay, this caravan camp site offers visitors looking for a something a bit different an opportunity to wake up to the smell of the sea and enjoy the quiet sound of waves.

For those that want a little break from the seclusion of their private beach camp, a short drive inland will bring you into a sleepy coastal village perfect for sightseeing, enjoying quaint lunches, and of course experiencing life as only the locals can.

Though the site has considerably less amenities than other sites on this list, it still makes the cut simply for the stunning views and rather quiet seclusion it offers, though it is important to note during the summer time the area can get a bit busy with beach goers looking to enjoy the water.

Even more, the camp site completely allows pets, so even your favourite four legged friend can relax with you as you enjoy a holiday unlike any other.

While there, be sure to take a moment to capture the stunning beauty of the natural rock formations just off the shore the beach.

Get in touch with nature…

While travelling through Scotland is an experience that one has to take for themselves to fully appreciate, taking the extra time to spend nights out among the natural beauty of Scotland makes for an even better holiday trip. So if you are ready to experience a holiday that you can talk about for years to come, pack your bags, ready your map, and get ready to see a side of Scotland that only the adventurous get to see.

While there are quite a number of camp sites located across all of Scotland, each with their own rules and guidelines, it is important to remember that no matter where you decide to stay, always try to book your spot well ahead of time to ensure your camp site will be ready and waiting for you to begin your adventure.